Citizen CY

Citizen CY

Standard Features CY model:
Large bakelite LED Display for easy viewing with A.E.P(Advanced Eye protection)
Standard RS 232 C Interface.
Hanger for below balance weighing.
Automatic External calibration.
Conforms GLP/GMP and ISO 9001 standard.
Dye cast aluminum design for long term stability and accurate results.
Various weighing units gm, mg, ct, oz, dwt, mom, GN.
Improved repeatability for better results.
User selectable stability and filter level.
Spacious draft shield interior.


CITIZEN Model: CY (Complete Laboratory)
Analytical Balances
No matter you are carrying out a simple routine task or a
complicated weighing procedure, New Citizen Balances
will impress you with their excellent performance,
delivering accurate results within the shortest possible
time, thanks to MonoTech and Perfect Self Automatic Calibration(PSAC).
The proven MonoTech weighing technology guarantees long
operation life and extreme ruggedness , while PSAC
automatically calibrate the balances using internal weights,
whenever changes in temperature affect the accuracy
of your weighing results. For added security, you can configure PSAC
to initiate self-calibration at specific times.
Built-in application programme
other than basic weighing ease your routine lab work like,
– Counting
– Percent Weighing
– Animal Weighing
– Formulation
– Totalization
– Check weighing
– Density Determination
1 mg balance with analytical draft shield is plus for reliable result as good as
analytical balance.

-LCD with backlight
-Response time in 2seconds
-Selectable weighing count mode
-10 Unit available:g,ct,lb,oz,ozt,GN,dwt,N,t,T/A/R
-Fit with RS232 Line (C series)
-With windproof

Model Capacity Readability Pan Size
CY 120 600 ct 0.005 ct 110 mm dia
CY 220 1100 ct 0.005 ct 110 mm dia
CY 320 1600 ct 0.005 ct 110 mm dia
CY 420 2100 ct 0.005 ct 110 mm dia
CY 322 1600 ct 0.01 ct 110 mm dia
CY 720 3600 ct 0.01 ct 110 mm di


Metage Rang(g): 120,220,320,420,510,720,

Reading Precision(mg): 1

Repeatability(mg): 1

Linearity(mg): 2

Ambient Temperature(ºC): 20°C ± 7.5°C

Scale pan size(mm): 128×128 mm.

Shape size(LxWxH)(mm): 342.5x212x271

Warm up time(m): 10-20

CAL : External


น้ำหนัก : 1600 กรัม
ขนาด [กว้าง x ยาว x สูง] : 34 x 21 x 27 ซม.



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